Norwalk High School Boys Soccer

2020 Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) Clinics

Program Overview: 
This program is designed to keep players at optimal fitness throughout the summer. The program focuses on three areas: speed, agility and quickness.  Overall, this program is tailored to address the specific fitness needs of high school soccer players.

Start Date: Tuesday, July 7th 
End Date: Thursday, August 13th
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays 
Location: NHS Front Grass 
NHS Girls (grades 9-12) from 4:30-5:30pm;
NHS Boys Freshmen and Sophomores from 5:45-6:45pm;
NHS Boys Juniors and Seniors from 7-8pm

Cost: $99

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns, please email them to

**NOTE: Each session will have two coaches and a maximum of 20 participants. The participants will be split into groups of 10 participants with one coach and they will stay with that group for the duration of the summer. Due to the limited spots available, we anticipate that this program will sell-out fast so register early to ensure your spot.**

Part 1 — Pre-Participation

● All participants and parents must realize these workouts are voluntary in nature, and play no part in deciding roles on a team, playing time, or roles such as captain

● Prior to participating in the program, the participant (student-athlete) MUST register and pay online using the link below AND be registered in the NHS Athletics system through Final Forms ( If the participant is not registered on BOTH Final Forms and the online registration below, they will NOT be allowed to participate in the program

Part 2 — Daily Check In

● Coaches will begin each session by stationing themselves at the entry point to the front grass field (lower parking lot). Each participant will be marked for attendance, as well as be screened for COVID-19 by answering the following questions:

● Have you been in contact with or cared for someone with COVID-19?

● Do you have a fever?

● Do you have a cough?

● Do you have a sore throat?

● Do you have shortness of breath?

In addition, the participant’s temperature will be taken and recorded. Any “YES” answer, or temperature over 100.4° will cause the participant to be sent home. The participant will be encouraged to go home immediately and self-isolate, as well as contact their primary care provider if necessary. A doctor’s note will be necessary before a participant will be allowed to participate 

● If a participant is prohibited from participation due to any symptoms, their name will be reported to the NHS Athletic Director, who in turn will report the name to the School Nurse, as well as the Norwalk Department of Health

● Any participant or coach who tests positive for COVID-19 must self-isolate for at least 14 days post-positive test, with a minimum of 72 hours symptom free and negative repeat COVID-19 test in order to return. Written medical clearance from a licensed medical professional is also required upon return to the program

Part 3 — Daily Session

● Each participant must have protective face covering, personal water bottle, hand sanitizer, and personal bag. All are meant to be personal belongings — not to be shared among athletes

● Face coverings should be worn before the start of the session and immediately after the completion of the session. Due to the nature of activities planned, participants will not wear face coverings once the session starts

● Coaches will wear face coverings at all times

● Face coverings do not need to be medical grade — cloth or disposable face coverings are acceptable

● All personal belongings will be stored in each individual’s bag, and those bags will be a minimum of 6 feet from another’s belongings● Participants must keep their shirts, socks and shoes on at all times during the session

● No gum chewing or spitting on to turf or track surfaces is allowed● Care will be taken to remain 6 feet apart at all times

Part 4 — Session Details

● Each coach will be responsible for establishing “cohorts” of no more than 10 participants per cohort. This same cohort will stay together for each and every session — no switching cohorts, trading of places, etc. These cohorts will remain in place for the entirety of the program

● No high fives, fist bumps, or elbow bumps allowed — these are all “no contact” sessions

● Bathrooms will not be available● Participants should not share equipment. All equipment will be sanitized by the coaching staff after each use 

Part 5 — Post Session Details

● After participation, participants should use hand sanitizer, and are encouraged to immediately leave the premises, shower and change clothes upon arriving at home

● Players will exit the field toward the bus lane on Strawberry Hill Avenue. All participants should be picked up from the bus lane 

Part 6 — Weather Concerns

● Players and parents will be notified via email if the session is cancelled due to inclement weather 

Online registration & payment:
NHS Girls
NHS Boys – Freshmen & Sophomores
NHS Boys – Juniors & Seniors